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Type 2 Diabetes Reversal and Weight Loss

Complete Evaluation & Diagnosis

Our team of physicians, dietitians, and physiologists understand the patient’s weight-gain related issues, and with an extensive evaluation reach to the root of the problem, which could be hormonal, medical, or simply lifestyle-related.

Once the issue is identified, our team creates a detailed yet simple plan of action for the patient for him/her to follow meticulously. These are well-calculated measures that provide effective results when practiced perfectly.

Creating a diet plan exclusively for you

One of the most important aspects of our weight loss program is the diet. Our dietitian creates a diet plan especially for each patient, as every patient’s body has different needs in terms of nutrition and calories.

The diet plan is one of the major lifestyle changes that the patient makes in this program. They’re planned meticulously to according to their dietary preferences (vegetarian/non-vegetarian) and to ensure that he/she doesn’t face any health problems on the side

Medical Evaluation and exercise recommendation

Our physician also conducts a complete medical evaluation to identify if the patient is suffering from any additional or unknown medical disorders and if a weight loss program could affect him/her health. It also helps in curating the diet plan accordingly.

Our physiotherapists further recommend various exercises that the patient has to practice every day apart from following the diet plan. These workouts are easy to do at home, without any equipment required.

Tracking Progress Weekly

Our team keeps tabs on the patient’s progress and health during the program on a regular basis. This not only makes the patient feel a sense of achievement and improves their confidence in the program but also helps our team understand if the patient requires any additions or changes in the diet plan or exercise regimen.