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Artificial Sweeteners V/S Natural Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have gained popularity over the period of time because of its minimal calorie content. There are numerous verities available in the market. FDA (Food and Drug Association) has approved five artificial sweeteners as safe for consumption. They are Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Acesulfame & Neotame. It has also approved one natural sweetener, called as Stevia.

Why do people consume Artificial Sweeteners?

People with obesity trying to cut calories consider it a good option as it doesn’t contribute to calories. On the other hand one teaspoon of sugar gives 16 calories. So while cutting down sugar, artificial sweeteners are good option for obese people. Not only obese but people with diabetes also consume artificial sweeteners as they’re carb free and doesn’t give sugar spike instantly.

Are these sweeteners really safe? What it does in our body?

Gut is considered as second brain of the body. It has got trillions of bacteria that help in digestion & assimilation of the food. Research shows that consumption of artificial sweeteners not only alters the gut microbiota but also affects metabolism in negative way.

Another study done by a lead researcher Dr. Brian Hoffman said that “We observed that in moderation, your body has the machinery to handle sugar; it is when the system is overloaded over a long period of time that this machinery breaks down. We also observed that replacing these sugars with non-caloric artificial sweeteners leads to negative changes in fat and energy metabolism”.

Despite the addition of these non-caloric artificial sweeteners to our everyday diets, there has still been a drastic rise in obesity and diabetes. In our studies, both sugar and artificial sweeteners seem to exhibit negative effects linked to obesity and diabetes, albeit through very different mechanisms from each other.

Mechanism of Artificial Sweeteners
Educate Yourself – Read Labels

Market is flooded with types of sugars. Whether its artificial or a natural one. There are many names of sugar. Food companies’ uses sugar as per product requirement and labels as per their convenience and market demands. Here we need to be very cautious regarding selection of the right product and think what effect it will do to your body. Whenever a product is named as “sugar free” or “diet”, look for possible other names of sugar that could have been added in the product.

Moderation is the Key

To lead a healthy life, there has to be balance of everything in your body. Cutting down sugar is strongly recommended to people having diabetes. People who are obese should definitely stay away from empty calories or simple sugars. Naturally occurring sugars such as fructose from fruits has to be consumed in natural form (i.e. whole fruits) only. Fruit juices provides concentrated amount of fructose and ultimately it will lead to either giving as sugar spike or will add to extra carb load in the body.
Anything that is consumed in limits / moderation is not harmful.
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