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Diabetes Clinic

A dedicated clinic with expert doctors to treat type 1, 2, gestational & other types of diabetes.

Metabolic Syndrome Clinic

Specialised clinic for treatment of Dyslipidaemia, Weight gain, High Blood Pressure & High Blood Glucose.

Obesity Clinic

Treatment and management of body mass index to prevent diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

PCOS Clinic

Treatment of infrequent/prolonged menstrual periods or excess androgen levels caused due to hormonal imbalance

Thyroid Clinic

Specialised treatment of thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, goitre.

Paediatric Endocrine Clinic

Treatment of various growth and puberty disorders among young children and pre-teen girls respectively.

Women’s Clinic

Special clinic to treat women’s disorders like irregular menses, menopausal issues, excess hair growth or fall & Osteoporosis.

Diet & Nutrition

Dedicated nutrition & diet centre to guide patients with healthy food habits.

Dental Clinic

Check-up and diagnosis of any dental issues over & above the main disorders.

Eye Check-up

Special eye-clinic to check and diagnose of any eye infection alongside the major disorders.


In-house physiotherapist to treat various body ailments that follow with diabetes.

Foot Clinic

Check-up and treatment of Diabetic Foot ailments.

Advanced Lab & Diagnostic Centre

A completely equipped, modern laboratory for analysis, diagnosis and treatment.

Pharmacy & Health Shop

In-house pharmacist and health specialist to provide patients with medicines and health products.


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Our Specialisation

We specialise in treatment of three major pillars of endocrinology

Offering diagnosis, management, treatment and reversal of all and any kinds of Diabetes Mellitus disorder.

Diagnosis & treatment of growth disorders in children regarding height, weight, sexual maturity & puberty disorders among pre-teen girls.

Treatment of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist & abnormal cholesterol levels.