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Paediatric Endocrinology

Paediatric Endocrinology is one of our area of expertise at MetFree. Here we treat growth disorders among young children and teenagers which prevent them from developing a normal height, weight and sexual maturity. We also treat puberty disorders among preteens and adolescents for delayed or early puberty and breast development issues in girls.

The reasons behind the growth disorder can be the lack of naturally producing growth hormones in the child, which leads to short height and abnormal body composition like low muscle mass and increased abdominal fat. Puberty disorders occur when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body due to problems in the pituitary or thyroid glands.

Identifying Symptoms

Growth Disorders

  • Slow growth of height compared to age
  • Disproportionate size of limbs compared to torso
  • Constant feeling of loss of energy
  • No change in facial features despite growing by age

Puberty Disorders

  • Lack of development of breasts in girls by age of 13 and lack of pubic hair growth among boys
  • Menstrual periods haven’t begun by the age of 16
  • Early signs of puberty like growth of facial and pubic hair among boys before age of 9

At MetFree, we treat endocrine disorders like these after a thorough diagnosis through various tests determining the bone age, checking hormone levels for abnormalities and examination of the health of adrenal glands and the ovaries through ultrasound. Growth Hormone therapy is one of the treatments we provide to cure the endocrine disorders. For children undergoing emotional and social challenges due to the disorders we also offer counselling with our in house psychologist.

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