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Metabolic Syndrome Clinic

Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors which increases one’s chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke. In India alone, there are over 10 million cases of people of various age groups suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome.

The risk factors include high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, increase in waistline with excessive fat and abnormal cholesterol levels in the body. One stands the chance of developing a cardiovascular disease if they have any of these risk factors. It leads to complications if one has over 2 of these factors.

But since this is a lifestyle-based disorder, it can be treated with major changes in lifestyle habits alongside medication. At MetFree, our doctors focus on reversal of the metabolic disorders with specialised goal oriented treatment of Dyslipidaemia, which is one of the factors that increases the chances of mortal cardiovascular diseases.

How We Treat You

There are three levels of treatment of the metabolic syndrome at Met-Free

The primary prevention is by educating people about the risks of metabolic diseases and promoting a healthy lifestyle, recognizing high risk group and counselling them for prevention. We suggest them an exercise program which ensure daily physical activity and our dietitian helps them radically change their diet too

The secondary prevention is for those who are suffering from a metabolic disease. With the help of evidence-based medical treatments, we ensure that their disease is under control and they do not progress to complications.

The tertiary prevention is for patients who have developed complications in their metabolic disease. Our team of specialist doctor, dietitian, physiotherapist, psychologist and diabetes educator work with them with an individualistic treatment plan to try to minimize the impact of complications.

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