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Obesity or excessive weight gain is a chronic disorder which was earlier considered to be a concern for developed countries, but over the years it has become a global epidemic. and unfortunately, India ranks among the top 5 countries facing this challenge.

An Indian adult person with a body mass index of 25 is overweight over 27.5 is considered obese and they stand a risk of contracting serious diseases like heart diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, and even cancer. Usually, when a person consumes more calories than they can burn with daily physical activity for a long time, they put on more than normal weight.

Other common causes of Obesity can be aging, irregular sleep patterns, and genetics. But even medical conditions like PCOS in women and Hypothyroidism can also cause Obesity due to an imbalance in hormones.

How We Treat You

At Met-Free`s Obesity Clinic, we not only take the basic tests like BMI, skinfold thickness, and waist to hip comparisons, but medical tests like blood tests, diabetes screening, thyroid examination, liver function tests and heart functioning through an electrocardiogram (ECG)tests to diagnose obesity in patients.

Our primary care includes the patient working with a team which includes and diet and nutrition expert who guides with healthy eating, a psychologist for mental conditioning for self-control, and quit bad habits like smoking. A specialist doctor may also prescribe weight loss medications, and in extreme cases, suggest a weight-loss surgery too.

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