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We Are Met-Free

Ahmedabad-based dedicated Diabetes & Endocrine Centre

We are a one-of-a-kind Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, a part of Ashirvad Hospital by Dr. Vismay Naik, a one-stop solution for all kinds of metabolic disorders, where Dr. Vismay helps people with prevention, control and reversal of diabetes. What makes Met-Free stand out is the fact that it is Gujarat’s only institute to administer “METABOLIC INDUCTION THERAPY” (MIT), a unique, evidence-based diabetes treatment which reverses Type-2 Diabetes in its early stages and prevents complications of it in later stages.

Our Services

Diabetes Clinic

Treatment of Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes and other types of Diabetes Mellitus

Metabolic Syndrome Clinic

Treatment of disorders like Dyslipidemia, Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure & High Blood Glucose

Thyroid Clinic

Treatment of disorders like Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Goitre.

PCOS Clinic

Treatment of hormonal imbalance among women of child-bearing ages which causes polycystic ovary syndrome

Obesity Clinic

Treating excessive weight gain as a disorder due to genetic or lifestyle reasons, with medical assistance and nutritional plan

Pediatric Endocrine Clinic

Treatment of growth disorders in children and puberty disorders in young and pre-teen girls.

About Dr. Vismay Naik

Dr. Vismay Naik [MD, MRCP (London, UK), PG Dip. Endocrinology and Diabetes (Cardiff, UK)] is a Diabetes and Endocrine ailments specialist and the founder of Met-Free Diabetes and Endocrine Centre in Ahmedabad. Being someone deeply cares and has a zeal to serve the poor and the underprivileged, Dr. Vismay started off with a small clinic in the Botad district of Gujarat, where he scaled up his operations over the years into a 15-bed diabetic and cardiac centre with facilities like lab, pharmacy, 2dEcho, ICU and other high-end diabetes diagnostic equipment. Read more

I was suffering from Diabetes since 15 years and was getting medication from different doctors, but I wasn’t satisfied. That’s when my friend referred to Dr Vismay Naik and I’ve taking treatment from him for the last 1 year, through MIT. Since then my Diabetes has been very much in control and today I am on a minimal dosage with normal diabetes.

Tarun Jay

I got in touch with Dr. Vismay Naik in Botad for my treatment of Diabetes. Since he was visiting Ahmedabad, I was suggested I visit his Ahmedabad hospital. I have been feeling well since being treated under him here. He is a very well-mannered man and his team is very warm. The hospital is equipped with the best facilities, ensuring all the needs are fulfilled. I’d strongly suggest that anyone who’s suffering from diabetes must meet Dr Vismay once, his treatment is so good that it would help reverse your diabetes completely.

Priyanka Soni

I was suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for about 10 years. The reason behind my ailment was hypertension, due to loss of job in 2006 and constant worrying about my family. The condition begun to worsen, and I was under heavy medication including Insulin. But since I begun treatment with Dr Vismay, I haven't taken an injection for the last 6 months and my health has improved a lot.


I have been suffering from diabetes for the last 30 years, and apart from medications, I have been taking insulin injections since last two years. I was unable to control my sugar levels. That's when I heard about Dr. Vismay and started getting treatment from him. Within 3 weeks, my sugar levels were normal, and after 21 days, I stopped taking injections. My triglycerides, which was over 600 earlier have now come down to around 140. Now my diet is back to normal and I am leading a healthy life, thanks to Dr. Vismay.

Dr. Anil Trivedi
Family Physician

Before I met Dr. Vismay a 3 months ago, my diabetes was at its peak, with signs of it coming down despite having consulted many doctors. That's when one of my friends suggested I go to Dr. Vismay. I was treated here through Metabolic Induction Therapy and now I am leading a normal life free from Diabetes and I am very thankful to Dr. Vismay for this.


6 months ago I was detected with diabetes with glucose levels of 431. When I consulted Dr. Vismay, he gave a complete diet and lifestyle change regimen upon my request to treat me without medication. I strictly followed hia instruction and lost 16 kigs after 6 months. Now my diabetes is also under control and I am living a normal life.

Mr. Manoj